Friday, May 23, 2008

Fantasy: "Election Day" Characters

I believe that, yes, the Summoning rules are good to go. If I'm lucky, I'll get them posted online sometime this weekend.

However, it'll be a busy one for me: As I mentioned before, I'm running a couple of games at GameX in L.A., one of which is a "Spirit of the Sword" one-shot/playtest called "Election Day." Last I checked, I have one player signed up, so... that ought to be either interesting or a non-event. We'll see.

In any case, here are the six PCs I made for the one-shot. Despite the presence of a dwarf, an elf, and a troll, they have a pretty low-fantasy, low-magic vibe to them -- there's only one spellcaster and no magic items. I've really enjoyed making them, and I'm excited to see how the game goes... assuming it goes at all.

Iko Tana

Their last phase -- Adventure -- has been left blank. That's for the players to fill in themselves on Sunday. They'll whip up some quick bit of adventure the character's already had, then we'll play out out the scene's climax for each character (which may or may not involve some guest starring). The players will also provide two more aspects for each character, at least one of which will be attached to the Adventure phase.

Wish me luck. And if you're going to be at GameX, come on by and check it out: Sunday at 10:00 am.


Unknown said...

I like the look of the Character Sheets (pieces of eight font rules) - I just did some for my Avatar game (more crappily) today. For some reason the order of the skills strikes me as wrong. I'd like to see the better ones on the left, but maybe that's just me....

'Imposing Tusks and Horns' is my favorit aspect wording in there I think.

I also like "one arrow left" - nice balance there, and cinematic to boot.

If I can find a way to play in this game and Weave my Tribe 8 session at the same time, I'll see you at the table. Otherwise you'll just have to run it for me & the boys later eh?

Speaking of which, I need to go and make 12 characters now...


Mike Olson said...

Twelve characters? Yikes. I feel rushed, and I didn't start mine until last week (and even then, I made my Escape from the Planet of the Zombie Apes characters first).

"One Arrow Left" is pretty much an exact copy of "One Bullet Left," only, y'know, without bullets. I hope Iko's player makes use of it.

I've arranged that skill pyramid every which but loose for the various SotC one-shots I've run. Still haven't settled on a "standard."

Wikimancer said...

I noticed that Iko Tana has Alertness twice under Average. Assuming that you are not positing such a radical change to the rules as to not only allow a skill to be listed twice, but also twice at the same level, what was the intended fourth Average skill?
Also, I rather liked the skill arrangement on the original SotC character sheet, with the better skills higher on the page.