Friday, June 11, 2010

Anglerre: Cities and Islands

I know I just posted six days ago about Gamex and all, but I feel like I haven't posted anything substantive here in forever. Lately, there's been a very good reason for that: I've been hard at work on material for the Legends of Anglerre Companion -- specifically, chapters on city- and island-based adventures. Also, my random adventure generator that didn't make it into the core book is going to be in the Companion, and that needs an overhaul, too.

Why are two 2,500-word chapters taking so long? Man, I ask myself that every day. Part of the reason is that I've been committed to the idea of a random city generator, and that's proven surprisingly difficult to do. I mean, I expected it to be difficult, and it is, but more so than I'd anticipated when I told Sarah Newton, "Sure thing! Random city generator!" Actually, what's making it harder is the waffling: First I want to do it one way, then I think to myself that it's getting too complicated, then I backtrack and go another way, then something else occurs to me that'll further simplify the process, so I branch out again.... I have pages of notes, but they're like puzzle pieces from different puzzles. I'm confident that if I just keep shaking it a bit more everything will fall into place, but as of right now it's a mess.

I could skip the generator altogether, but I really do think it's genuinely useful, so I'm not inclined to give up on it. I'll have to slip some fluff/advice in there somewhere, but mostly it should be the generator. The chapter on islands, though, is going to have to be all fluff/advice, because I can't really see much use for randomly generating islands. Fortunately, I've actually run a brief island-based campaign (of Fantasy HERO, if you must know) not too long ago, so some of these island-specific issues have already occurred to me. Whether I have 2,500 words' worth of answers to those issues, however, is another question altogether.
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