Thursday, October 21, 2010

FATE Kerberos Club: Let's Make It Official

Sometime back, I mentioned that Arc Dream was interested in doing a FATE version of Benjamin Baugh's awesome Kerberos Club setting, and how equally awesome it'd be for me if I got to work on it. While it's still on Arc Dream's back burner, thanks to a constant and undeniable stream of Greg Stolze, I can finally say this: I got the gig.

(I actually got it back in May, but I didn't want to say anything without Shane Ivey's go-ahead. This made for some awkward exchanges with people when they asked if I'd gotten it. "I don't think I should say anything... which probably gives you your answer, I guess.")

I'm especially excited about this project in light of the fact that there isn't a "mainstream" FATE treatment of the supers genre on the market right now, which means that this will be the first! System-wise, I think it'll have the potential to set a standard for FATE supers in the same way that Legends of Anglerre has for FATE fantasy -- and obviously the setting itself is, as I said, already awesome, so that doesn't hurt, either. In my ideal scenario, we'll later break the mechanics out into their own generic FATE supers book (with a free online SRD!), but for now I'm more than happy to work on what I've been given.

Apart from The Kerberos Club, Ben Baugh is probably best known for Monsters and Other Childish Things and Don't Lose Your Mind, but a couple years back he was attached to a few SotC-based projects for Evil Hat, including New Horizons (social outcasts fightin' the good fight) and Shadow of the Century (SotC in the '80s), both of which sounded awesome but unfortunately never materialized. I look forward to picking his brain.

While I haven't gotten beyond playtesting mechanics yet, I can promise that my chief goal will be to leave Kerberos's fantastic setting completely intact and mold the mechanics around it. The alternative -- making little edits here and there to accommodate the change in systems -- is... distasteful to me.


diceciper said...

Congrats and good luck.

Morgan said...

Congratulations, I'm glad to know what the project is now that you can finally talk about it. Now I'm glad I've held off buying Kerberos Club for other systems, can't wait to see what you do with it.

free hatani said...

Congratulations. I am really interested to see what comes of this. I liked the direction you were heading with your Supers, what with the trappings and build your own power stuff and all. This blog is going to have to go to the top of my check daily list again. :-)

ScottyVegas said...

Awesome! I look forward to reading about it and, hopefully, playing a few games at Strategicon.

albert park said...

hey brother.

official belated congratulations are in order, now that i see you've made a formal announcement since those earlier hintings from others (it was andy-- blame andy. and chris. i think. you can blame him either way, for good measure). this is awesome news!