Sunday, February 5, 2012

[Don't Hack This Game] Hacking This Game

So back in December, Ryan Macklin and Fred Hicks announced that they were accepting submissions for a Don't Rest Your Head anthology called Don't Hack This Game. The idea was to gather a bunch of unrelated game hacks of DRYH, written by a bunch of different people, in one convenient book-like volume.

I instantly wanted to contribute something, but didn't have any ideas, so I mostly gave it up. Then Ryan decided to push back the deadline a week, and I was like, "All right -- it's on."

So I came up with a pitch -- a mix of FATE and DRYH -- and hit Send about two minutes before the deadline. I didn't know if it'd make it in, but you gotta try, right? (Answer: Yes, you do.) Fortunately, it amused Ryan so much that he extended an invitation to be included! Yay, me.

I can't really say anything more about it right now, but because Sundays are my out-of-the-house, Jill-has-our-son-all-to-herself work days, and today I'm working on my article, I figured I'd mention it. This is a pretty exciting time. Between this, my revision of Half of Everything Is Luck for Stage One, this as-yet untitled quasi-historical Middle Ages supplement for Legends of Anglerre, and Atomic Robo (it's February, so real work on that can now begin!), my cup runneth over. The cup, incidentally, is labeled "Things To Do."
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