Thursday, March 8, 2012

Morgan Ellis' The Spirit... of the SHATTERED EARTH!

Back in 2008 -- seriously, 2008! -- I posted this:
Finally played in Morgan Ellis's "Spirit of the Shattered Earth" game -- well, I say "finally," but it's only the second time he's run it at Strategicon -- which was a lot of fun. If you know your post-apoc references, you'll dig this game. Any game that explicitly acknowledges Kamandi and Thundarr is all right in my book. I caused a ruckus as Gorlla, the Mighty Crorc. I've encouraged Morgan a couple of times to get his act together and publish this thing in some form or other, so hopefully he'll do that.
This is sort of him doing that, via this blog.

Behold, the Shattered Earth!

What he's done is organize the scenario builder and the pre-gens he normally uses into a single, Blackbird-esque packet, so you can just download it and play it at a con or something. It's a totally no-prep game (other than all Kamandi reading, but you should be doing that anyway) -- like Danger Patrol and many other games of its ilk, it relies on player input to get the ball living radioactive boulder rolling.
I just love this map.
Here's what Morgan has to say about SotSE (and if you haven't heard this first paragraph delivered in his stentorian Saturday-morning-cartoon announcer voice, you're missing out):
Eons ago the world was sundered in a great cataclysm, the cause of which can never now be known. Humanity’s civilization was cast in ruins. In its place lies The Shattered Earth! A world of savagery, mutation, super science, and sorcery. But a few heroes still fight for freedom and justice against the forces of evil in a world gone mad! 
The Shattered Earth is a gonzo post-apocalyptic setting inspired by all sorts of post-apocalyptic media, the main inspiration is of course Jack Kirby's classic comic book Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth. But there are many other influences as well, like Marvel Comic's Killraven, TV's Thundarr the Barbarian, films like Planet of the Apes and The Road Warrior, and RPGs like After the Bomb and Gamma World. It's all about running fun, over the top, 1970s era comic book style post-apocalyptic adventures. I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget the Kirby dots! 
If you'd like to hear an explanation of how I run The Spirit of The Shattered Earth and FATE convention games in general, you can check out the Actual People, Actual Play Podcast: Episode 44 FATE for Convention Games: Hail to the King Baby.
(Definitely listen to that episode of APAP. It's pretty great.)

So there you go. Download it immediately. The Shattered Earth needs heroes!

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