Friday, August 2, 2013

[Atomic Robo] Tesla's Seven at Villainous Lair

This Sunday, August 4th (it is already August!) I'll be running an ARRPG scenario called, I dunno, let's say "The Wheel of Anarchy." Kinda short notice, I know, but there we are. Think of it as a pleasant surprise.

The place: Villainous Lair Gaming in San Diego, CA.
The time: 2:00 pm (to, like, 6:00 pm)

I'm running this scenario at GenCon, and although I haven't written a proper blurb for it, if I did it'd look something like this:
The PCs are Nikola Tesla, Annie Oakley, Wong Kei-Ying, Harry Houdini, and Winfield Scott Lovecraft.
I mean really, what more do I have to say?

If you've never been to Villainous Lair, I've been there one more time than you have. It's a cool store -- not too big but big enough -- with a decent selection of small-press games. In fact, they have a regular storygame night run by a friend of mine. Plus, when I was there for Free RPG Day, I spoke with a manager-type named Sara who's excited about Fate Core and ARRPG, and whose idea it was for me to run a game there in the first place, so they're happy to have us.

And they have this sign up on the front door:
Seriously, they really shouldn't.
So yeah, this place is all right. Come on down and check it and/or ARRPG out. Hope to see you there.

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