Wednesday, January 5, 2011

[Kerberos] Playtest Packet #1 Going Out Today

Either today or this evening (I'm betting on this evening, personally), I'll be sending out the first packet of playtest materials to everyone on this big list of playtesters I have here. This packet will contain:

  • Arc Dream's don't-call-it-an-NDA "Be Cool" form. This is important and you should read it.
  • Character creation rules.
  • The password for the KFC playtest forum on the Arc Dream message boards.
Again, my prime concern for KFC is character creation. Does it make sense to you? Does the math seem right? Does it make characters you feel would be fun to play? Does it make characters that demand you play them right now? What kind of horrible abomination of a game-wrecking character can you make with it? That sort of thing.

So be on the lookout for that, impatient playtesters! Excitement!

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