Friday, July 8, 2011

[Anglerre] ENnie Nominations!

Forgive me for repeating myself across multiple social-media platforms, but: Legends of Anglerre is up for two ENnie Awards in the Best Game and Best Rules categories! And honorably mentioned for Product of the Year! Pretty cool. It's an honor merely to be mentioned.

Of course, our competition is, y'know, Dresden Files and Happy Birthday, Robot! and the D&D Rules Compendium and other such heavy-hitters, so that's pretty bleak if you're into "winning" things, but it's great to see so many cool games and products getting the recognition they deserve. We'll see how things shake out mere weeks from now! Excitement!


Leonard Balsera said...

The thing that gobsmacks me about the nominees this year is the Best Rules category - three of the noms are either Fate or Fate-derived. Wicked awesome.

Mike Olson said...

Yeah, I noticed that as well. Good stuff. I also love that Happy Birthday, Robot! has received so many nominations. It's a real triumph for Daniel.