Sunday, July 3, 2011

Luke Martinez and The FATE of the Galaxy

As a self-described 1337 FATE hAXx0R, I always appreciate a good FATE hack. And who doesn't love Star Wars? Certainly I am not a person who does not love Star Wars! So I'm happy to direct your attention to a fine Star Wars FATE hack by Luke Martinez called The FATE of the Galaxy. Not only is is pretty extensive -- 154 pages! -- but it also has a skill called Chicanery, and how many games have that? Not many, let me tell you. So that scores bonus points with me.

Anyway, Luke is clearly strong in the Star Wars, and this is a good straight-up, "mainline FATE" take on that venerable intellectual property. Skill pyramid, stress-reducing consequences, phased character creation, a mostly standard line-up of skills... if you discovered FATE via Spirit of the Century or the Dresden Files RPG, it'll feel very familiar.

As an oft-repeated aside, my first contact with Spirit of the Century was a Star Wars hack about five years ago (I think -- 2006 or 2007) run by Colin Jessup, who crammed a very entertaining Clone Wars-era game down our throats as only Colin can do. Since then, though I've played and run FATE a whole bunch, I can count the number of SotC-as-written experiences on one hand. That first game really drove home just how flexible FATE could be and got me hooked. Hopefully The FATE of the Galaxy's combo of FATE and Star Wars will have that same effect on others.


Luke Martinez said...

Thanks for sharing the material! I hope everyone enjoys, and more importantly, I hope they feel free to modify it to fit their particular brand of Fate play!

Anarchangel said...

"Cramming down one's throat" is an apt description of Colin's convention SotC style.

(Are you going to take that, Colin? Are you this post's bitch??)