Tuesday, January 10, 2012

[Atomic Robo] Action. Science. Dice.

Woke up this morning to about 20 Twitter notifications in my inbox. "Ah. Fred must've announced Atomic Robo."

So: some backstory on this extremely awesome project about which I have been bursting with excitement on a daily basis for several weeks.

Back in November, Robo writer Brian Clevinger contacted me about turning his and artist Scott Wegener's creation into an RPG. Seems he'd just gotten The Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) and thought it'd be a good fit. Now, I should mention that at that point, embarrassing as it is to admit, I wasn't actually familiar with Atomic Robo, despite having a fairly varied pull list at my FLCS. (This is chiefly because Morgan Ellis, who's been a fan of the book from the beginning, never once bothered to mention it over the past few years I've known him. Seriously, what is up with that?)

Fortunately, Brian sent me a PDF of Vol. 6 #1. My reply: "How can I be involved in this? You had me by page 2."

In the midst of talking about what form that involvement might take and what kind of sandwiches it'd pay --sandwich negotiations are a key part of being an RPG freelancer -- Fred Hicks and Evil Hat got involved, and the Atomic Robo RPG went from being a really cool consulting gig to "OMG am I actually going to be designing a FATE game for Evil Hat?"

Apparently... yes!

If you've read this blog for a while -- or even just read the name of it -- you know I'm a big fan of Evil Hat. Spirit of the Century was a revelation for me. Playing and reading it not only changed the way I thought about RPGs, but also led pretty directly to my first freelance work on Legends of Anglerre. And now I get  to design a game for Evil Hat that's a combination of Buckaroo Banzai, Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters, and Planetary.

There'll be more to talk about later, but I can at least say this right off the bat: It's not going to use Strange FATE. Instead, it's going to use the in-development Fate Core rules to accomplish some of Strange FATE's design goals in terms of custom-built skills. The goal is to make ARRPG a true pick-up-and-play RPG, in which on-the-fly character creation is the default.

So attune your crystals to the blog here, follow me on Twitter, and circle me on Google+ for updates. Excitement!
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