Friday, January 13, 2012

[Atomic Robo] Suddenly I'm Fame-ish

Evil Hat's announcement of the Atomic Robo RPG has made quite a splash in sort-of mainstream online media outlets' geek-oriented sub-sections (because geek culture's such a thing right now we should probably cover it or something). This has the side effect of exposing strangers' eyes to my name, or something quite like it.

First there's this MTV Geek article from yesterday, wherein my Norwegian twin (need I even specify he's an evil twin?) receives the credit rightfully due to me:
At the helm, Evil Hat will be placing Atomic Robo Brian Clevinger himself alongside Fate system veteran Mike Olsen.
Look, I know I make too much of the "-en"/"-on" thing. It's a peeve of mine. It happens all the time. If Matt Morgan misspelling my last name in an article is the worst thing that happens to me this year, I'll consider myself a lucky man.

Then today there's this mention of ARRPG in's Geek Out! section, in which my name appears not once, but twice. Concurrently! (EDIT: No, not concurrently -- consecutively. "Concurrently" would be, like... impossible.)
Evil Hat Productions announced an agreement to produce, publish, and distribute an RPG based on the Eisner-nominated "Atomic Robo" comic book. It will be co-written by "Atomic Robo" scribe Brian Clevinger and "Kerberos Club: Fate Edition" author Mike Olson. Olson also created the "Strange Fate" version of the Fate engine. (via Deadly Fredly)
True story: Shortly after Brian approached me about ARRPG and Fred and Evil Hat got involved, I found myself in a ridiculously hip little comic book store in Silver Lake called Secret Headquarters. Did they have Atomic Robo TPBs? They did! I'd never actually seen one before. "Holy crap!" I said to myself upon perusing vol. 1's back cover. "This thing was nominated for Eisners!" That's how unfortunately in-the-dark I was about Atomic Robo when this began.

I mention that because I feel so lucky to be a part of this thing, and I think it's so awesome to see enthusiasm for it from people like Matt Morgan and whoever it was who decided the ARRPG press release deserved a mention on Geek Out! In fact, that same Geek Out! piece also mentions WotC's announcement of the next iteration of D&D (and the subsequent "geek rage" that followed), but what's the graphic for the story? Not the D&D logo or the WotC logo. Nope. It's this:

How rad is that?

Anyway -- point is, thanks to Atomic Robo, I'm kinda fame-ish now.
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