Friday, November 30, 2012

[Atomic Robo] Covers and Progress

Scott's been noodling around with cover ideas for ARRPG. Thoughts? Other than my first thought, which was "Those robot fists are awesome!"?

("Of course they are," says Scott. "They're based on a real thing.")

Related: Several chapters of ARRPG have been submitted. By this I mean that they've been put in a place online where an Evil Hat editor can eventually get to them. More chapters are being revised and written as I type this. Well, not exactly as I type, because I'm typing this, and I can only type one thing at a time. I guess I could alternate characters between this blog post and the chapter, but -- look, I feel like we're getting off-course here.

Also, Action Scientists, aka playtesters! Thanks for your work on the secret mission you've been assigned! Good stuff. Keep 'em coming.
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