Tuesday, December 4, 2012

[Fate Core] Surprise!


The Fate Core Kickstarter campaign has kicked off a little earlier than anticipated, thanks to editor Jeremy Keller and all-around provocateur Fred Hicks.

You've probably already checked it out. If you haven't yet, it's, uh, doing pretty well. Funded in under 15 minutes, hit the first two stretch goals shortly thereafter.

And in case you weren't already aware of this particular tidbit: If you back at any level -- including the $1 Access level -- you get immediate access to the draft copy of Fate Core.

Not bad, right?

This is all kind of novel for me. It's the first project I've worked on that's gotten the Kickstarter treatment. I had nothing to do with setting up the Kickstarter itself, nor am I currently on the hook to produce any new material as part of a stretch goal. So really, in a sense, I kinda don't really have much of a stake in this beyond wanting people to like and play a game I've worked on. (As I've said before, I've been extremely lucky so far in my RPG freelancing career to have worked on pretty much only fairly high-profile, well-received projects.)

But I'm going to be watching this Kickstarter with as much attention and enthusiasm as, I dunno, this, or this -- because it's always fun to see a highly anticipated campaign for a cool project go from "funded" to "ridiculous runaway success." Join me, won't you?

Join me.


dicecipher said...

I like how they blew thru all their stretch goals in under a day.

MrkMllr said...


Mike Olson said...

I have this other thing I'm working on that's keeping me kinda busy. It's called Atomic Robo. I don't know if I've mentioned it here.

MrkMllr said...

Ohhhh yeahhhh...that old thing. Good thing it's so awesome or your fans would be all kinds of upset.

Mike Olson said...

Yes, it's unanimous among my fans: Both of them are looking forward to ARRPG.