Friday, March 29, 2013

[ARRPG] Tabletop Day and Fate Core

Tomorrow, as part of like three things (International Tabletop Day, the Indie RPG Project, and the Dead Gamers Society), I'm running a game of Atomic Robo at Cal State Fullerton. Click here for further details on the when and where.

The whole event is all about Fate, so there'll also be David Hill and Filamena Young running Apotheosis Drive X and White Picket Witches, respectively, and someone I don't think I know will be running Spirit of the Century, which now feels like a real blast from the past even though it came out, like, less than seven years ago. Fate Fate Fate!

As for the ARRPG game, you can probably guess from the picture up top that it's inspired by the old Robo Force cartoon from the '80s. If you're anything like me -- by which I mean "an old person" -- you watched Robo Force just about every day after school without really noticing just how utterly ridiculous it was. (Remember the episode when Robo breakdances? Yeah, that happened.) I still have the action-science figures.

Anyway, most of that show was reputedly based on Tesladyne's real-life clashes with dissociated Department Zero branches and DELPHI cells -- and not Baron Helsingard, like it was in the show, although that'd explain why the main badguy's named General Nul -- so we're going to play a game of that. I've been watching way too much Robo Force on YouTube lately, so please, come on out and make that sacrifice worthwhile.



MrkMllr said...

Please, please, please tell me you'll be postings the character sheets for this session. Please?

Mike Olson said...

Oh, absolutely. I put too much effort into them not to.

Simon J. Hogwood said...

Because of course Robo would have had a cartoon in the 80s. It probably aired right after Saturday Morning Watchmen.

Posts like this support my faith that the ARRPG is in good hands.

Mike Olson said...

I came up with an overly extensive backstory to justify it all, which I naturally share here on the blog because I think it's funny. When I can turn a vague idea into a gimmick that amuses me (and hopefully my players)... that's the bets. None of these hacks have happened without that.