Friday, March 1, 2013

[Fate Core] Games at ECCC! UPDATED!

Where will the Fate Core and Atomic Robo gaming be at Emerald City Comic Con? And will it be raining in that room?

I can't answer the second question (yet), but as to the matter of location, it looks like we'll be we are on the lower level of The Conference Center. That's the building across the street from the convention center, apparently. That's where Story Games Seattle will be, so that seems like the most likely place for us to set up shop too. We have a dedicated table just for Atomic Robo games at a circular table in the Story Games Seattle area. Many thanks to Ed Healy and Ben Robbins for securing that for us.

That said, it's possible that there's a better place for us in the conference center proper, but I kinda doubt it. As I may have mentioned, I haven't been able to get anyone to give me a definitive answer on where, when, and how other tabletop gaming is happening at the con, but from the website it looks like it's all going to be in The Conference Center. The really good news is that it's open until midnight, so we can run games fairly late.

I'm planning on running at least two more games of ARRPG this weekend: Saturday afternoon at 1:00, and Sunday morning at 9:00. Morgan's also around to GM it and the Fate Core Tron game we will obviously force him to run. Sunday, a local playtester named John Powell will also be there to run a game. So yeah, Atomic Robo games are happening.

Regardless, sign up for games at Table G-4. That's where Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener will be flogging their wares. Here's a map:

You can also sign up for games in the Story Games Seattle area, by their big sign next to the Gamma Ray Games table.

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