Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Anglerre: It's Out

So Legends of Anglerre is out today -- at least, in electronic form. Expect the hard copy by the end of the month. Which month? I have no idea.

In case you haven't seen it, here's the cover, which benefited greatly from an eleventh-hour art change:

Here, look at this:

Sorry -- let me see if we can get in a little closer:


Doug Wall said...

Congrats on the credit! Next time, make them put your name in bigger letters.

Guy Bowring said...

I genuflect before your professional status.

'Course, you've now blown your chances at the Olympic Curling Team...

The Lord of Excess said...

I'd all but given up hope! Gratz man!! I will be ordering a copy soon then. I'll have to have you autograph the copy in September ... lol. On the leftover note ... I actually have run a game now and have two more planned. I'll get notes together over the next few weeks and send you our group writeup on how things have gone.

Mike Olson said...

Doug: I just hope there isn't a correlation between font size and rate of pay.

Guy: I'll be okay. My only serious interest in Olympic curling is the Norwegian curling team's pants.

Larry: I was wondering if that Leftovers game ever happened -- great to hear that it did! Really looking forward to hearing about it.

Layout and art solicitations have begun, so there's certainly still time to take your feedback into account.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Mike, that's awesome!