Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[Kerberos] FATE Kerberos... on MTV Geek?

Yeah, it's just a fairly brief mention in an interview with Shane Ivey and Benjamin Baugh about Arc Dream, but they do have a shot of the cover, which I think means I can say I've been mentioned -- sort of -- on MTV Geek.

First we covered their newest release. Making its premiere at GenCon, The Kerberos Club: FATE edition is just that. Originally designed to be used with Greg Stolze's One Roll Engine (ORE), The Kerberos Club has seen two additional versions – one for Savage Worlds and the most recent of which is FATE. FATE is a dynamic narrative system that uses evocative catch phrases called Aspects that players “tag” during play to generate dramatic story twists and otherwise bring the awesome. This is the same base system used in Evil Hat's award-winning Dresden Files RPG and Spirit of the Century.

MTV, if you'd let me know in advance, I would've made time in my busy con schedule to make myself available for an interview! Ah well. Maybe next year.

Or tomorrow. I'm available tomorrow.

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