Sunday, August 7, 2011

[Kerberos] GenCon Kerberos Kraziness

In the immortal words of Morgan Ellis, "So!"

It's been a good GenCon for FATE Kerberos, I must say. The two games I ran were good and great, respectively, and when my GM was a no-show on Friday, I got to play in a scenario run by Andy Blanchard, which was cool -- I don't get to actually play FATE Kerberos all that often, and I got to play my favorite character of the ones we made together, so bonus.

Meanwhile, over on, TheMouse and Killer GM have stepped up to answer questions about (and explain) the system in my necessary absence. They've been doing a great job, but even better is that they've been  doing that job at all. It's just really gratifying to see someone else breaking FATE Kerberos down, explaining the quirks of Strange FATE, and clearing up any confusion. Thanks guys!

Plus, the Arc Dream booth had a big banner-like poster of The Kerberos Club: FATE Edition cover. I've never had my name on a poster before, so that was pretty cool.

However, I am exhausted, but I guess that's the way of these things. Absolutely worth it.

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