Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outdated DFRPG Sneak Peek: This Used to Be News!

Let me admit something to you: While I'm looking forward to the Dresden Files RPG, I haven't been following its development and know virtually nothing about it. I also haven't read the books or watched the short-lived TV series. Nonetheless, I'm eager to get my mitts on a new iteration of FATE from Evil Hat.

Consequently, I'm psyched to see this thing that Ryan Macklin posted today. Personally, I'm picking it apart and muttering things like "Hmm, how are these skills not redundant?" and "Ah, so that's how they did it," but I'm not going to post any of my ruminations because I know I'm way, way behind the curve on this. I'm sure that there's nothing especially surprising for anyone who's in the loop.

Still, it's cool to see it, right?


Unknown said...

Well as you might expect for someone focused on Fate / Magic, this is just pure catnip for me.

Embarrassingly, I've been rubbing the PDF hardcopy over my face and purring... :/

Max Kaehn said...

The books are quite good, and I’m quite interested in seeing how they handle things like character progression (which certainly occurs in the books, but lacks mechanics in Spirit of the Century).

Stuart said...

I'm assuming Lore is magic-related (Mysteries) and Scholarship is, roughly, a renamed Academics.

Discipline and Conviction I'm not sure about, but my guess is that they split up Resolve - Conviction focuses upon belief in oneself or something else while Discipline is control over oneself. This would make sense if you started from the books, as there are a number of characters who have very little conviction, but a ton of discipline... and faith is an important enough thing in that book to essentially have its own stat.

Anonymous said...

Template sounds interesting. The Wizard template seems to list the stunts/powers required to be a wizard; and the cost of some of those, listed in the stunts and powers section, is zero. Template may be a reduced cost package of stuff.