Friday, January 29, 2010

Supers: Two Characters for OrcCon

I'm having a pretty good time here making pre-gens for this FATE supers game I'm running at OrcCon, so I figured I'd post a couple of them here to be scrutinized.

Here's the blurb for the game:
Final Exam Crisis!
Are you ready for some exciting but essentially non-lethal Silver Age-type action? When supervillainy threatens Pacific City, it's up to Seaside High School's motley assortment of teenage superheroes to put a stop to it. And during finals week, no less! Come playtest this new superheroic version of FATE, the ruleset that powers Spirit of the Century, Diaspora, and the upcoming Legends of Anglerre.
See how everyone got a plug there?

First up is one of the aforesaid motley assortment of teenage superheroes. When she isn't fighting crime, Gold Star is the future valedictorian of Seaside High, Class of 2011. She's the type who does crosswords to improve her SAT scores and who organizes everything in a ten-foot radius within an inch of its life. As Gold Star, her powers include telepathy, telekinesis, low-grade mind control, and that kinda thing. She's hunted by the Headmaster, a sort of evil-ish version of Professor X -- a powerful psychic who collects the smartest metahumans he can find and puts them to use for his own nefarious purposes. Gold Star would be a good get for him. (Her Catchphrase aspect is empty -- that's for the player to fill in.)

Gold Star (PC)
  • Skills:
    • +4: Academics
    • +3: Telepathy (M), Investigation
    • +2: Telekinesis (E), Science, Resolve
    • +1: Alertness, Contacting, Athletics, Rapport, Computers
    • Cost: 21
  • Super-Skills:
    • Telepathy (Mundane)
      • Trappings: Persuasion (Mental, Range), Reading People (Mental, Range), Detect Lies (Mental), Attack (Mental, Range)
      • Complication: Hunted by the Headmaster
      • Cost: 27
    • Telekinesis (Extraordinary)
      • Trappings: Attack (Range), Move (Unusual, Spread), Parry (Range), Physical Force (Range, Spread)
      • Major Complication: Honest to a Fault
      • Cost: 22
  • Stunts:
    • Cost: 0
  • Refresh: 2
    • Cost: 10
  • Aspects:
    • Concept: Psychic Overachiever
    • Catchphrase:
    • Complication: Hunted by the Headmaster
    • Major Complication: Honest to a Fault
    • "Harvard's my safety school"
    • Extra-Curricular Activities
    • Mind Over Matter
I'm ashamed of and giggly about Electro-Cute's name in equal measure. Fortunately, by the time the game starts, she's left this nom de villainy behind. Still, come on -- she's an electricity controller who considers her physical attractiveness to be her most important asset. At the same time, she's bitter over not being the most popular girl in school (that honor belongs to Heather Donaway, aka Clique, one of the other PCs) and possessed of a near-pathological greed. Electro-Cute may be a ridiculous name, but it's exactly the sort of name she'd come up with. This version of her doesn't actually show up in the game; it's just for fun.

Note that Electro-Cute has a Complication: Secret ID aspect, whereas Gold Star doesn't. That's because, for this game, "Secret ID" is a campaign aspect.

Electro-Cute (NPC)
  • Skills:
    • +4: Rapport
    • +3: Electric Blast (E), Deceit
    • +2: Art, Athletics, Alertness
    • +1: Stealth, Empathy, Contacting, Electricity Control (E)
    • Cost: 20
  • Super-Skills:
    • Electric Blast (Extraordinary)
      • Trappings: Attack (Range)
      • Complication: Secret ID
      • Cost: 10
    • Electricity Control (Extraordinary)
      • Trappings: Security, Invulnerability (Electricity)
      • Major Complication: Greedy (-1 point)
      • Cost: 10
  • Stunts:
    • +2 Empathy with assessments
    • Use Deceit instead of Empathy to detect lies
    • +1 Athletics to dodge
    • Cost: 15
  •  Refresh: 5
    • Cost: 25
  • Aspects:
    • Concept: Electricity Controller
    • Catchphrase: "Shocking, isn't it?"
    • Complication: Secret ID
    • Major Complication: Greedy
    • Catfight!
    • Determined to Take Down Heather Donaway
    • Style Over Substance
As you can see (or could guess), characters have seven aspects: a Concept, a Catchphrase, and five "free" aspects. Complications, Weaknesses, and Items (but not Snags) take up these "free" aspect slots. The upshot is that having super-skills means limiting either the scope of your powers (with Snags) or the nature of your aspects (by devoting some of those aspect slots to Complications, Weaknesses, or Items).

The game's set for Saturday the 13th at 8:00 pm, so if you're going to OrcCon, come on by and check it out!

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