Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Dork Forest!

Hey, I'm on this week's episode of The Dork Forest with Jackie Kashian!

Are you familiar with this podcast? Every week Jackie has a guest come on and talk about, in great detail, something they're really into -- a.k.a., "dork out." This week it's me, talking about RPGs, drum corps, and current kids' TV.

This is kind of a big deal for me. I mean, I've been on a few podcasts here and there, and they've been great and I've had fun on every one of them, but The Dork Forest... I mean, Dana Gould's been a guest on this podcast. Eddie Pepitone. Maria Bamford. James Urbaniak. Jimmy Pardo. Mary-Lynn Rajskaub. Paul F. Tompkins. If you're a comedy nerd like me, those are big-deal names. So it's a kinda sorta huge honor to be able to say that I have this in common with them.

And as long as I'm naming names like a comedy nerd, there's Jackie Kashian herself, who killed on Conan the night after we recorded this episode. That was so weird to watch after having had a conversation with her and her husband Andy in their living room just the day before.

Anyway. It was a real pleasure to meet Jackie and Andy and record this. Thanks to Brian Tatosky for making it happen.

RPG-wise, I talk about Atomic Robo, Smallville, D&D, and OVA, among others -- this was the Monday after OrcCon 2015, so OVA was on my mind -- but, the rush of things, didn't mention nearly as many small-press games as I'd wanted to, so just pretend you heard me plug Fiasco, Dungeon World, Primetime Adventures, and many, many more, including your favorite small-press game in the event that it wasn't included in the brief list earlier in this sentence.