Wednesday, April 6, 2016

[Atomic Robo] OGL Rules Now Available!

Yes! It is literally in writing!
Thanks to the kindness of the Fate More Kickstarter backers, many new rules systems from both ARRPG and ARRPG: Majestic 12 have been OGL-ified (by me!) and are now online! For you! All for you! Right here! Click this link!

These subsystems include:
  • Modes! Modes had previously appeared in the Fate System Toolkit, but in a rather abbreviated form. The OGL has the full Robo treatment.
  • Custom skills! Point-based skill construction rules, similar in spirit and intent to Strange Fate's custom skills, but much simpler.
  • Stunts and mega-stunts! Ripped from the pages of ARRPG!
  • Brainstorms! Players, take the wheel!
  • Invention! Includes the variant used in Majestic 12!
  • Mission briefings! Sorta like brainstorms, but different! Look, I don't have time to go into it now!
  • And nothing more!
I'm looking forward to seeing what other people might create using this stuff. Fate has always had a strong fan community full of builders and hackers; it's always a pleasure to contribute more toys to the toybox.