Monday, August 12, 2013

[GenCon 2013] My Schedule

Really looking forward to this.
This seems to be a thing some people do, so I figured I'd do it too. Hey, easy blog post!

Thursday, 12:00 pm: ARRPG"Tesla's Seven." This should probably be called "Tesla's Five," but that's even less of a thing than Tesla's Seven is, and Tesla's Seven is just the less-of-a-thing version of Tesla's Eleven, which is a lateral move from Ocean's Eleven. So I think we have enough layers of remove as it is.

Thursday, 5:00 pm: State of the Hat seminar. I'm on a panel. It's crazy. I and many other Evil Hat-types will be on hand to answer questions about the development Evil Hat stuff. Specifically, I can talk about ARRPG, Fate Core, FAE, and Shadow of the Century. Not rules-stuff, though. Development stuff.

Saturday, 2:00 pm: ARRPG, "Robo Force." This is aptly named.

I expect I'll also run ARRPG at Games on Demand at least once, so keep an eye out. I'll tweet/blog about it in advance to give fair warning.

As for stuff I'm playing, currently I'm only signed up for two games, a Qin: The Warring States game Friday at noon, and Dave Mattingly's Bring Your Own Brick Champions game Thursday at 7:00. Wait, Thursday at 7:00? Seriously? Ugh. Thursday's gonna be rough. I just noticed that.

Regardless, there's no way I'm missing that Champions game. The premise -- bring two 400-point 6th-edition Hero System characters, and the GM chooses one -- hooked me, because long ago, before Fate came along (to me), Hero was my go-to system. I used to make 5th-edition Hero characters for purely recreational purposes. I'm new to 6th, but still I made four PCs and am restraining myself from making a fifth. Picking just two of those four for Dave's review will be tough enough already. It's gonna get all Sophie's Choice up in here.

And if you see me at GenCon sitting by myself doing homework, I'm just prepping for Gateway, which sounds crazy, I know.

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