Friday, February 26, 2010

I Wanted to BELIEVE!! (sob)

In the "Serves me right for believing the Internet" category, I geeked out yesterday about a possible purchase of West End Game (WEG) by another company that would hopefully lead to a re-juvenation of their properties (most importantly to me, Torg).

Come to find out that was not the case.

Turns out the post (dubiously dated 1/1/2010 as Mike pointed out), was reporting something that actually appeared to happen back in 2003. So I don't know the provenance of that link above.

Even more damning (and by that, I really mean "damn-damn-damn!"), is this link here, from a Feb 9 interview with Eric Gibson (owner of WEG) posted at a more reputable source wherein we have the following quotes:

"West End Games is currently in a holding pattern right now and my motivations are elsewhere at this point. I am in school right now and that occupies most of my attention at this point."

"School has kept me so busy right now and I don’t have enough time to sleep, let alone get everything else I need to get done completed. I do not have the time I used to have to visit message forums and answer questions. I would love to be able to answer the fan’s questions, but right now my attention is on other matters."


Since my mother told me not to say anything if I couldn't say anything nice, I'll just say this: