Sunday, February 7, 2010

Supers: Three OrcCon Characters

All six PCs for OrcCon are done (well... one of them's about 90% done), so I figured I'd post a few character sheets so people could check them out.

MVP, the physically enhanced football star
Gold Star, the psychic overachiever
Madcap, the wisecracking speedster (having some trouble with the website on this one)

I also have a "campaign sheet" with the game's campaign aspects, space to list Heroic consequences, and a quick rundown on how power tiers work.

In case anyone's curious, the campaign aspects are
  • Power and Responsibility
  • Secret Identities
  • Splash Page!
  • Code Against Killing
  • [See Issue #4. --Ed.]
  • Monologue
Tone-wise, it's apparently a sort of mish-mash between ironically detached, modern-day teen heroes and Silver Age tropes. In fact, it's almost an even split between the PCs' aspects and the campaign aspects. We'll see how that works out.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry no one commented on it before. It looks like the link for Madcap is broken. Haven't looked at the PDFs yet but I have tried to download them. Would like to see Madcap as well if you get the chance.