Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Atomic Robo] Public Playtest, Round 1

Okay, here we go.
Behold, an ordinary playtest!

If you want to be a part of the Atomic Robo: The Roleplaying Game playtest -- and I think I know you enough to say that yeah, you do -- simply follow these steps:
  1. Ask yourself, "Am I going to have a chance to actually experience this with a group of players in the next few weeks and provide feedback?" If your answer is "Yes," proceed.
  2. Download a copy of the disclosure pledge.
  3. Read and sign it (typing your name on the signature line is enough to acknowledge you've read the pledge and agree to abide by it; no need to put your actual John Hancock on this thing).
  4. Email your signed pledge to the email address indicated on the pledge. The subject line should say "ARRPG Pledge."
  5. Remain calm and trust in Science.
  6. Once we have your signed pledge, you'll be sent a link where you can download the current playtest documents.
The playtest will take place in multiple rounds, and is expected to run through October. This first round of the playtest will include only 20 groups. If you don't make it in, don't sweat it -- the next round will start within a few weeks. We fully intend to include everyone who's able to make a serious commitment to playtesting.

And remember, if you're going to be at Gateway or Dragon*Con this weekend, you'll have a chance to playtest there as well.

On a personal note, I hope you're all as excited as I am about all of this. I mean, I kinda already know you're not, but if you're even approaching my level of excitement, this is going to be a fun time. The playtests at GenCon were really solid, and the rules have only gotten better and tighter since then. It's only going to improve going forward, and that's largely going to be because of playtesters like you. So thanks, and let's do this!

UPDATE: The interest level has been... well, I don't want to say "overwhelming," but it's right up there. As of 8/31, I have all the Round 1 playtesters I need. But! Round 2 still has plenty of room. Please keep 'em coming! Science needs you!


digitaljoed said...

Got my Pledge in and sent a email to may players to get the form filled out and get their Pledges in.

I'm also spending a fate point to invoke my "As excited as Mike" aspect for a +2 on my roll to get picked for ARRPG playtest.

- Joe

Frank said...

Just sent mine in, going to gather my players' ones over the weekend (I have a large group that kinda splits in two anymore, gotta see which parts will want to do this)

Anonymous said...

Just got mine in, and soon as I have the players from the group on board, I'll have theirs in a well.

Jeffrey Fuller said...

I submitted mine a few hours ago, cracking the whip over my players now.

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the blog and forum posts from our playtesters that follow. Viva la disclosure pledge!

Nestor said...

I'll try to see if I can collect a group before committing to running, so I'll probably get in on the second round.

Mike Olson said...

Nestor, your candor is refreshing and appreciated.

digitaljoed said...

I had scheduled my group play Strange Fate game starting next week, I've been getting ready for it. This is perfect timing.

Mike Olson said...

Digitaljoed, you're putting me in a tough spot here. Strange Fate or Atomic Robo? It's a Sophie's Choice-type situation!

Unknown said...

*I* have no such dilemma. Bring on the Robo, Joe!

MrkMllr said...

Mine is in. I'm more excited for this than I am the Star Wars RPG Beta...and that's saying something. I just posted on my FLGS's Facebook page and got a couple of responses already.

My favorite comic of the last 10 years paired with my favorite RPG in the last 10 years being produced by my favorite RPG company...are you kidding me?!?

KreenWarrior said...

My pledge is in; as I understand it at this stage we should be looking for one pledge per group, since you're looking for 20 groups, not 20 players? I have two players I'm sure I can get interested in this game; they're FATE-lovers, and while I was promising to continue the Hoard game I started last week I bet I can get them to switch to AR without any trouble.