Tuesday, August 7, 2012

[Fate Core] Men's 100pg Hurdles

Pictured: My office.
As of... now, the Fate Core chapters I was assigned to revise and/or rewrite have been sent off to Camp First-Round-Edits. They'll be back before the end of the month. I'll miss them, but at the same time it's good to have them out of the house.

So that's one hurdle hurdled, then. Whew! What a relief. Now I can just relax.

Except that before I get on a plane for Indianapolis a week from tomorrow, I still have to bring ARRPG up to the new specs, devise and/or revise an ARRPG scenario, make proto-characters for said scenario, figure out the rest of my Kerberos Club (FATE Edition) scenario, make a few pre-gens for that scenario, and... I dunno... pack, I guess. And for all I know, my Fate Core chapters could come back to haunt me before GenCon, too. So while it's nice to have met a goal more or less on time, it's just one hurdle of many over the next couple weeks.

Incidentally, I made mention on Twitter of a way-too-long sample magic system I wrote for a Fate Core chapter that's already been removed for being, well, way too long. But assuming it doesn't turn out to be the late-night rantings of a freelance writer working on a sleep deficit, it'll see the light of day somehow or other. Might be here on this blog, might be part of a supplemental Fate Core PDF. I dunno yet.

Don't sweat it too much, though. It's not some revelatory thing you can't live without. It's just an example of how to use elements of Fate Core to make a magic system for your game. I mean, I hope you like it and everything, but there's no need to batter down my door to get it. My office is noisy enough as it is.


Panos said...

Is this magic system, an effects toolbox engine (aka including Psi, Supers, Mad Science etc.) or literally Magic?

Mike Olson said...

It's literally a way to handle a particular type of magic in the game -- like, it's not a generic effects-based thing or something. It's doing a specific kind of magic.

Now, that specific kind of magic could be adapted to something else -- people love to hack Fate! -- but the point is it's not a general "powers" subsystem.

Anonymous said...

That sounds pretty awesome. I've seen a lot of effects based power systems lately and I'm looking more for rules that inform the flavor of the world... or a segment of the world.