Friday, February 4, 2011

[Kerberos] Playtest Packet #5 Away! (Also, OrcCon.)

The latest Playtest Packet for KFC went out in the wee hours of this morning (Pacific Standard Time), so if you're on the list and didn't get it, drop me a line and you'll get it. Some minor errata's already gone up in our discussion forum, so check that out, too.

Lots of improvements in this one, most notably a greatly simplified character creation process that simply everyone is talking about. I mean, look at us -- we're talking about it right now!

There's also the beginning of some actual FATE rules -- zones, scene aspects, the Time Table, simple actions, contests (simple, consequential, and extended), and the bare outline of conflicts. While I continue to flesh that out, sometime next week I plan to send out some converted characters from The Kerberos Club, and an introductory scenario (either the one from the original book or my own) sometime after that.

Speaking of scenarios, I'll be running two sessions of FATE Kerberos at OrcCon in a couple weeks. (Wow, typing that makes me realize that it's literally only a couple weeks away.) Here's the blurb for the convention:

Something peculiar is afoot at the Pillars of Hercules. Or rather, it *was* afoot - and the only witness to the fate of the pub's patrons, a deaf mute, is, as they say, not talking. Who else but the Strangers of the Kerberos Club could hope to solve this mystery? Come playtest this specially designed FATE conversion of Benjamin Baugh's celebrated THE KERBEROS CLUB with the designer!
(Look, I'm not any more comfortable with calling myself "the designer" than you are, but if it'll fill up my tables, I'll go there. I guess I should've mentioned that it's a soon-to-be-published product and not one of my usual FATE hacks, but I ran out of characters.)

I'm running that Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, so come check it out if you've a mind to. Also, check out the other great FATE games being run that weekend. Will Huggins, of the Actual People, Actual Play podcast, is running two Dresden Files games, one spoileriffic and the other Leverage-tastic. Platonic FATE-mate and friend of the blog Morgan Ellis is running this ridiculous you're-all-Changelings-in-a-rock-bad DFRPG game -- let me just say here that I love it when Morgan comes up with a wacky high-concept FATE game and then actually runs it -- along with two sessions of his Avatar: The Last Airbender FATE hack, which sounds really cool but which I'll have to miss because he didn't schedule his games soon enough and had to settle for a Monday morning slot. Let that be a lesson to us all.

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