Friday, February 11, 2011

[Kerberos] Playtest Packet #6 Away!

Greetings, programs! The most recent batch of playtest materials for FATE Kerberos was sent out earlier today, so if you should've gotten it but didn't... let me know and we'll get that taken care of. Playtest Packet #6 definitely has its share of improvements, but the big addition (IMO) is the six sample characters from The Keberos Club, converted from Wild Talents to FATE. They were fun to do. I especially like the part where I can condense a half-page column of WT stats into four or five lines of FATE stats. That's... pretty sweet.

More characters on the way next week, plus an introductory scenario (the one I'm running at OrcCon next weekend), so keep an eye out for that. Believe it or not, we're actually nearing the end of the playtest period, so if you haven't playtested or reported in, then, y'know, get on that. Your feedback makes the game better.

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